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Media News

Four Key Concepts You Need to Sell Your Film

Finance & Funding1st Oct 2014
The film revolution will not be televised. It will most likely stream. Things have changed so quickly in the last 5 years, its hard for a lot of people to wrap their heads around where we’re at.

4K Recording at 30fps – Introducing the GoPro Hero4

Film & Television1st Oct 2014
GoPro has announced their latest camera: the Hero4. Most outstanding for those insisting on 4k recording is the GoPro Hero Black Edition’s ability to record 4k at 30fps, which is a significant improvement over the Hero3, which could record at 15fps.

The Mill Park Series Invites Collaborators

Opportunities30th Sep 2014
The Mill Park Series – a series of skateboarding and longboarding adverts, short films and documentaries to promote the newly constructed Gardens Skate Park – invites all filmmakers, indies and sponsors to collaborate with them.

Wilson Center offers public policy fellowships [Worldwide]

Opportunities30th Sep 2014
Journalists, scholars and public officials worldwide who are interested in public policy can apply for a fellowship.

Radcliffe Institute offers fellowships to journalists [Worldwide]

Opportunities30th Sep 2014
Journalists and film, video, sound and new media artists can apply for this fellowship.

Media Discussions

Reporting website issues and concerns

Announcements24th Sep 2014
It's now over three weeks since our re-launch and our new website is holding up well.

Like any newly launched website we have experienced a few minor glitches which have now been fixed.

Should you experience any issues please report/discussions/3-reporting-website-issues-and-concerns

Check Out the all NEW Media Source Africa site

General Discussions1st Sep 2014
We’ve revamped Media Source Africa (MSA) by adding a host of essential features designed to enhance your promotional impact within the global media community.

Forge forward * update your profile * showcase your latest work * view/discussions/2-check-out-the-all-new-media-source-africa-site

Major Upgrade Complete

Announcements31st Aug 2014
We've just upgraded our website. It's faster and easier to use with more features to help you collaborate with other media professionals on your media projects.

Media Events

International Filmmaker Kenny Mann DocumentaryWorkshop

Kenya, Nairobi1st - 2nd Oct 2014
As partners in the Slum Flim Festival, Hot Sun Foundation will hold a two day workshop 1st and 2nd October for filmmakers on documentary filmmaking with international filmmaker Kenny Mann.

Discop Africa 2014

South Africa, Johannesburg5th - 7th Nov 2014
Discop Africa is Africa’s highest regarded and only international Film, TV content, adaptation rights and packaged channel market.

Media Jobs

Graphic Designer

South Africa, Johannesburg

BUH - Media Strategist

South Africa, Johannesburg

Client Service

South Africa, Cape Town

AV Area Manager

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Program Manager: SABC 2

South Africa, Johannesburg

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