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Free film & TV production learnership

[ Advertise your business on Media Source Africa ]

Opportunities 6th Sep 2016 Media Source Africa

A learnership opportunity is available for unemployed learners who have completed their Grade 12 and passed with Mathematics, Science and English.

Application is FREE - Not Charge. No Cost to the Applicant.


1. Must be South African Citizen (SA ID)

2. Must be Currently Unemployed

3. Must be Available to Attend Classes for 12 months

4. Must possess Creative Abilities

Applications should be urgently forwarded to info@iale.co.za (Detailed CVs with Certified Copies of Certificates and Certified Copies of ID plus proof of Banking Details (with Stamp from the Bank)


Free film & TV production learnership


lifeinstyle commented
22nd Jan 2017
Wow. Good leadership
20th Apr 2017
I'm from Polokwane have produced 1 feature film, 2 Short Films and 1 commercial....without qualification how do I apply from Polokwane . I can manage to come @ Tembisa