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Africa's First Animated Superhero Cartoon

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Film & Television 21st Jun 2017 Media Source Africa

The production house of Cheruscopic Productions Ltd. based in Nairobi, Kenya has produced it’s pilot episode of MACHISMO©, the first African animated superhero cartoon.  

Machismo is really about a boy named Mac who accidentally gains superpowers from an alien “substance” that has been stored in Hell’s Gate Kenya by outer-space aliens.  Machismo’s powers can be turned on and off with the rungu (a Masai warrior weapon) his grandfather gave him. When the power is switched on Mac goes through a physical transformation into Machismo.   
Machismo starts fighting crime and teams up with his friends Kaka and Mercy.  They become a crime fighting trio - Machismo with his superpowers, Kaka with his self defence skills who trains Mac and Mercy with her intelligence and wisdom to guide Mac on making the right choices.  
The evil alien Msumeno wants his “substance” back so he can destroy his enemies.  He sends Dr. Nutty to Earth to get the substance back but it turns out to be far more difficult than expected.  Dr. Nutty and Msumeno look for the most evil creatures they can find to assist them in their plight. They use witch doctors and genies and mermaids and giant snakes and more evil creatures found in African folklore to attack Machismo in order to get back the “substance.”  But they just cannot defeat Machismo and his friends because of the goodness in their hearts.  Nonetheless, they battle on to get back what they feel is rightfully theirs.
Machismo© starts delivering to broadcasters all over Africa in late October and will be officially released at DISCOP in Johannesburg 2017.   Forty eight, twelve minute episodes will be produced over the next year and half in Nairobi, Kenya in English and Swahili and French.  All episodes are written by Africans, voiced by Africans, and animated by Africans. 

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