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Actors : Everyone You Need to Know in the Audition Process

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Acting 12th Jan 2018 backstage

Bachstage breaks down the various people you may run into over the course of your next audition and what their position in the audition room means for you, the actor.

Casting Director

A good script can either be a hit or a flop with good or bad casting. That’s where the casting directors come in. For those of you out there who are particularly green, the first thing you should know is that the casting directors are the gatekeepers to your next gig. They’re the first figures who are going to see you at work whether on-camera or in-person in the audition room before handing you off with a select few others for further consideration from the director, writer, producers, and the rest of the creative team. Their job is not only to look at actors who are submitted via talent agents, casting resources like Backstage, and self-submissions with open calls and the like, but to in particularly crucial casting situations go out on their own and scope talent from smaller theater and acting communities and at times pluck real-world, could-be stars right off the street. They have an eye for talent, yes, but more than that, they have an eye for which talent is the perfect puzzle piece for the greater whole.

Chances are, too, if you’re a regularly auditioning actor, you will come to have relationships of your own with casting directors. They’re the ones you especially want to impress, whether you’re chosen for the role or not. That’s because they will remember a good audition, regardless of the outcome. And if they remember you, they’re likely to keep you in mind for future projects they are working on down the line. It’s a story we here at Backstage have heard time and again: an actor wasn’t right for the first role they went out for, but they were cast in a later project because the casting director called them in with a positive hunch.

Casting Associate

Casting directors don’t do it alone, however. They have a team of casting associates working under them to help streamline the process and cut a stack of a thousand candidates to a couple hundred. It’s the sort of position where a future leading casting director will cut her teeth. They must know not just the tone and visual quality of the project they’re casting, but they must be working in the vision of their superior: what kind of talent does the casting director naturally gravitate towards? What are they looking to present the creative team with? Much of what they do to this end comes in the form of pre-audition administrative work. That can also include the busy day-to-day work in the office and hitting the pavement to find unknowns for further consideration. While the casting director gets the top billing for masterminding a cast, it is an involved team effort.

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