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Up to $10,000 available for your short film from The Film Fund

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Finance & Funding 14th Dec 2017 The Film Fund

Get up to $10,000 to make your short film by writing one sentence.

Why The Film Fund?

Starting out as an independent filmmaker, I found myself struggling to raise financing and find resources for my film projects. It appeared that those who already had industry experience or access to better resources and crew dominated most contests.

We're providing funding up to $10,000 for a short film in a way that's a lot simpler than screenwriting contests, crowdfunding, or applying to grants, because I'm sick of seeing these funding avenues dominated by industry experts (i.e. Zach Braff raising 3+ million on Kickstarter).

– Thomas Verdi, Founder and CEO

The Contest is open to all writers and filmmakers at all levels who are at least eighteen years of age or older at the time of entry.
Entrants from anywhere in the world are eligible; however, the material submitted must be in English.
All material submitted to other competitions or contests are eligible.
The material submitted must be a sentence of no more than 200 characters in length.
There are no requirements as to when the material was written.
Adaptations are ineligible unless the underlying rights are owned by the writer or the work is in the public domain.
The material must not be encumbered by any obligation to, or option held by, a third party prior to entering the competition.
If a script based on a submitted concept sentence or logline becomes optioned, produced, or purchased between the time of submission and the end of the Contest period, that entry will no longer be eligible.
All immediate family members and household members of The Film Fund LLC are not eligible to enter the contest.
The judges of the Contest are also exempt from entering the Contest.

Read the full article at The Film Fund

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