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Actors and actresses workshop
Johannesburg, South Africa
5th Aug 2017
Are you passionate about acting and you wanna be an actor or an actress, here is the opportunity...
TechPower For Artists
Mafikeng, South Africa
5th Aug 2017
Workshop to build the technology skills of NGOs.Support for development of civil society’s capacity and increase their skills with technology with more focus on artists organisations.
StarSat to participate at the Durban International Film Festival
Durban, South Africa
13th - 26th Jul 2017
11 July 2017: In a major boost for KwaZulu Natal and its talented emerging and advanced filmmakers, StarSat, a digital satellite TV brand, will for the third time participate in the Durban International Film Festival, sitting on the Film Mart Financing Forums and the Tele-Dialogues.